US Soldier Who Lost His Limbs In Afghanistan Receives Double Arm Transplant After 6 Years


A US Marine sergeant John Peck, 31, lost all his four limbs in Afghanistan six years ago. He stepped on an improvised explosive device (IED) in 2010 due to which he lost both his legs and his right arm at the same time. Later, the US soldier lost his left arm due to infection. Peck underwent a life-changing operation and received double arm transplant.

Recently, the veteran soldier underwent 14 hour long operation to get new arms.


Peck would need to stay around 9-12 months in rehab in order to make his limbs functional.

Nonetheless, doctors said that Peck is making great progress.


The 31-year-old veteran explained, “As soon as Dr Talbot called me, I knew, and I just broke down. I was crying because I was happy. But then my mind switched and it became… I mean, somebody died. I just want the donor family to know that this gift is not going to go to waste at all. I looked down; it seemed natural. It was just a perfect match. The skin colour is a perfect match. The size, of course, I had swelling, but the size is a perfect match. Everything was just perfect.”


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