Milind Soman: Ultraman from India!


51 years young Milind Soman Becomes ‘The Ultraman’ By Covering 517 Kilometers In 3 Days, That Too Barefoot!

May of us remember him as Captain Vyom, one of the characters played on TV series by Milind Soman. He first won over our hearts as a supermodel, back in the 90s and even though he’s no longer modeling, he remains the crush of every 90s girl in India. Yes, his drop-dead-gorgeous looks help him retain his dream-man status but every few months, Milind Soman also manages to achieve a feat that’d be almost impossible for men half his age!


The reason behind Milind Soman’s super fit lifestyle is so emotional you would want to hug him right now. In July 2006, Soman married Mylene Jampanoi, his French co-star in the film Valley of Flowers at a tourist resort in Goa. He had previously broken up with his girlfriend Madhu Sapre, taking the advice of a young fan on the phone. Mylene and Milind met on the set of the film. They later divorced in 2009.

Leaders are often driven by motivation. An inspiration that keeps refueling them with the kind of energy they need to set their goals and achieve them in time. One such leader Milind Soman, who’s of late, been setting new standards of fitness with his unbelievable goals (his latest ongoing initiative is a whopping 560 km barefoot


If there is one person who can outdo Milind Soman, it is Milind Soman himself. The 51 year old model and actor Soman, finished the marathon, Ultraman Florida, the Ultraman marathon which – the world’s toughest endurance challenge. He finished the marathon in 41st place after a gruelling 10 kilometre swim, 421 kilometre bike ride and 84.4 kilometres of running in a span of three days. The Ultraman marathon is an ‘invite only’ competition and is considered extremely difficult due to its rough terrain and weather. He braved extreme heat and a punctured tyre during the race. To top it all, he did all this barefoot!

In 2015, the marathoner had won the prestigious ‘Ironman’ title in Zurich after completing the toughest triathlon in the world. He is also the co-founder and brand ambassador of Pinkathon, India’s biggest women’s run.


What’s more important is that Soman was the only contestant in the event who ran barefoot and took 34 hours and 46 minutes to complete the rigorous events and overall came 41st in the race.



His Twitter and Instagram handles read @milindrunner, and he is often seen participating in various marathons. But Milind Soman just took his love for running a notch higher by completing the Florida Ultraman – in which he covered 10 kilometres swimming, 424 kilometres cycling and 84.4 kilometres running, over a period of three days!

The runner had his mother by his side, with whom he even posted a picture on his Instagram account titled ‘Aai at #UltramanFlorida Day 3!!! ? #MilindUshaSoman’.


After his successful run, Milind took to Facebook and even added a life event to his page, in which he said “Dear World, Say hello to Ultraman Milind Soman. Each of the 5 Indians, Milind, Abhishek Mishra, Kaustubh Radkar, Prithviraj Patil and Manmadh Rebba who decided to take up this challenge completed it by covering a total distance of 517.5 km under harsh conditions.”

He then went ahead to finish the BMW Berlin Marathon where he finished a distance of 42.2 kms in 4 hours and 32 minutes.



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