Thieves return wallet full of Rs 500 notes, slap man for not keeping 100s


Believe it or not! Two bike-borne robbers first snatch wallet, then on finding it’s full of the ‘old’ Rs 500 notes return it to the owner. But it doesn’t end there… They then slap the guy for not keeping 100s in his purse


It’s not even been two days since Prime Minister Narendra Modi demonetised Rs 500 and 1,000 notes, and some strange news is filtering in from all parts of India.

ON Thursday, it was reported that a waste picker in Pune came across a bag full of Rs 1,000 notes totalling upto Rs 52,000. The elderly woman ragpicker, who chanced upon the cash in a plastic bag, however, immediately alerted her supervisor who in-turn informed the police of what she found.

Police said the incident took place in one of the by-lanes of Law College Road on Thursday morning.

But even stranger was the report of a couple of bike-borne robbers who snatched Rs 1,500 from a man on Tuesday night, but returned the money after finding out that notes were in denominations of Rs 500.

The frustrated robbers not only returned the money to the victim, but also slapped him for not keeping Rs 100 notes, Times of India reported.

Vikas Kumar, a labourer who works at a construction site in Greater Noida, was returning home from work at 11 in the night when he was robbed. “I was walking from the site towards the bus stand when two bike-borne men rode towards me. They snatched my purse and fled,” TOI quoted him as saying.

“They came back and threw the purse at me. Then they slapped me and said I should have carried money in Rs 100 notes,” he said.

Modi’s decision to ban these currency notes may or may not stop corruption, but surely saved Vikas Kumar from getting robbed.



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