Shah Rukh Khan In Big Trouble “Mannat Should Be Seized”


Trouble & Badshah of Bollywood Mr. Shah Rukh Khan has good relation, though Shah Rukh Khan gets clean chit by Mumbai Police in Wankhede brawl case. But in fresh case where he comes in trouble is related with His House “MANNAT”. Last year, Shah Rukh Khan’s house Mannat was in the news when BMC officials took down the ramp outside his bungalow as it was illegal after they had received a complaint from the Watchdog Foundation.

The Watchdog Foundation has now written an official plea to the government of Maharastra to seize SRK’s bungalow. Nicholas Almeida of Watchdog Foundation recently revealed that they have been fighting this case since 2013. The illegal ramp built by SRK was affecting their duties of the lady of Mount Mary because the encroachment built by SRK was done on a 300-year-old cement road.

The NGO has demanded termination of the lease of the plot on which Khan’s bungalow is standing as well of other such plots that have violated lease norms. However, the ramp was demolished by the BMC last year in February as a result of a complaint raised by local BJP MP Poonam Mahajan. Khan was also made to pay a bill of Rs.1.93 lakhs to recover the cost.


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