Russian Teen Tries To Take Selfie On Roof, Ends Up Falling To Death


Now a days Selfie becomes a huge craze for everyone, specially in teenage. Taking normal selfie is okay but taking selfie and ignoring your precious life is totally dumbness. In this below video you can see a sad and horrifying moment of Russia where one teen falls from nine stories building who just wanted to take a selfie finally ends up his life.

This teen was struggling to save his life for 10 minutes to climb back onto high-rise roof Rescuers desperately tried to get to the roof to save him – but were too late.

He was filmed clinging to the edge by his fingertips before his strength failed and he fell nine floors. Local media reported that seven people had tried to get onto the roof to help him, but they did not make it in time.

Friends of the teenager said: “He argued with his girlfriend before climbing onto the roof. We request all our users specially teen, please don’t try to take selfie to impress someone or to get some likes on social media. Do some good things in your life you will be popular in other way. Otherwise taking risky selfie is always dangerous for your life.


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