Medical Reports Says Asaram Is Clean, #BailForBapuji Starts Trending To Seek Justice For Him


Yes.. You heard it right. Asaram Bapu is clean, he has not done anything wrong! There was so much news running from few years that he has done something wrong in his Ashram. The 75-year-old guru was arrested for s*xually assaulting a schoolgirl and has been in jail since. Asaam Bapu tried many times to get bail but he failed.

But, in latest report docotr has cleared that he is clean and never done anything worng with that girl. According to the reports, there’s no proof of rape or assault. That said, a lot of his devotees started tweeting about his bail and appealing to Modi to let him go. As a result, #BailForBabuji started trending on Twitter.


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