The man who was rejected in 40 job interviews. The reason will SHOCK you.


Meet Saddam Hussain- The man who was rejected in 40 job interviews

A marine engineer from Jamshedpur is having a tough time finding a job and it has nothing to do with his qualification. In fact, the only reason companies are refusing to hire him is because his name is ‘Saddam Hussein’.

Two years ago, Saddam Hussain graduated from Tamil Nadu’s Noorul Islam University. He was the topper of his batch.

But despite having a good report card, he couldn’t land a job because of his namesake: Saddam Hussain, the Iraqi dictator who was known for subjecting atrocities on his subjects.

Centuries ago when Shakespeare had asserted, “What’s in a name?”, little did he know that a name was just enough to stir up a storm.

According to a Hindustan Times report, a resident of Jamshedpur in Jharkhand, he was named Saddam Hussain by his grandfather who hoped that he’d grow into a ‘positive’ person. The engineer, who shares his name with the former Iraqi dictator, Saddam Hussein, who was executed in 2006, is now desperately searching for jobs. Reportedly, it has been two years that Hussein passed out of Tamil Nadu’s Noorul Islam University, but his name seems to have been a big hindrance in that case.

“People are scared to hire me,” the young Saddam was quoted by the daily as saying.






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