Life Changing Technologies That Were Destroyed Right After Their Invention


Flying Saucers, Hyperdrive technologies. There are many technologies which people claim to existed but destroyed by power. All of these always got destroyed due to greed. Sometimes new inventions could kill a big business or an entire empire. Every Year more than 5300 patents are SUPPRESSED alone in the US Patent office. Reason of them are unknown. Some of them are held back by corporations by fearing that what a new tech will do to their profits. It was happening right from the starting and it is still happening. Some of them got the light of the day and came to spotlight but some just got destroyed in dark. For humans, money is always bigger than the humanity.

Here are the 6 inventions which possibly were suppressed for the profit and business.

1. The Electric Car

In 1996 a car “General Motors EV-1”   which was fully powered by electricity was invented but it was destroyed by the Oil companies and the other big car makers to maintain their profits.

Humans have electricity for a long time now but the electric cars technology is being built from just last decade. Ever thought what took us too long? Now we have Big companies like Tesla working on the electric cars tech. But the very first electric car was built in 1884 by Thomas Parker. In the early 90’s general motors made a fully electric car with good milage but they strangely took it off from the market. (Source)

2. The Tens Device. In 1970’s a company named “Stim Tech” invented a tens device. This device was portable and could could heal many types of bone and joint pains (Electrotherapy) . J&J bought the whole company and after some time the invention was lost.

Tens stands from Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation. It was a device used to help you with the pain by stimulating nerves. In 1970’s the first wearable tens machine was invented the drug and cosmetics companies went to chaos because it was causing loss in their tylenol business.

As soon as it was developed a big company J&J bought the main company behind the tens device “Stem tech” and killed their funding & thus destroyed the whole invention. The founders of stem tech later won a lawsuit of 100 Million dollars against J&J for destroying their product. Today, tens devices are coming back but they are not good as that. (Source)

3. A Safer Smoke ” X Cigarette”. An company invented a Cigarette which had almost zero bad effect on health was mysteriously destroyed.

The Dangers of smoking has been known by Cigarette companies for the decades now but at first it was held from the public or downplayed in seriousness in order to protect their profits. Because of this millions have died alone in 20th & 21st century from cancers.

But do You know? all these or almost of them  could be saved if it were not for the profits of one single big company.

In 1960’s the liggett & myers company create a safer Cigarette called “X Cigarette”. This was a new type of smoke which barely contained any of the carcinogenic elements of the regular cigarettes.

But there was a problem, the rival big company thought that this would kill their entire business. So, they mixed up with every big power of industry of that time and killed this technology. The liggett & myers company already published the proof of the success their X Cigarette but they were forced to deny it’s existence. (Source)

 4. Digital Camera. In 1975, a company invented the digital camera but use of the camera would completely bypass the use of developing films. So, a dominating company destroyed the digital camera to protect their business.

Before the invention of digital camera & mobile phones, we had to take pictures with film camera & these had to be processed under special rooms. Kodk was the world’s Leading manufacturer of photography film but in 1975 a tech called digital camera was built. It was so revolutionary that it could completely bypass the use of photographic film which could destroy their entire business. So, they destroyed this tech to maintain their business and digital camera tech was delayed for decades.

5. Thorium. “An alternate to fossil fuels” Scientists said, it is the solution to mankind’s power needs. It is safer and cleaner and will provide us energy for thousands of years. It had very less profits for the power plants. So, it was suppressed for years.

For Years, we are searching an alternate resource to satisfy our power needs. Thorium is one possible candidate for it. Thorim was held back for years but now they have again started research on this thing.

Scientists are saying, it is the permanent solution for the mankind power needs. It is safer and cleaner than the uranium. It could even last a thousand years. Despite it’s benefits, it still remains on the backburner of the govt. due to less profit range. The main reason it is not developed yet, it can not be converted into a Weapon. (Source)

6. Free Energy. Nikola Tesla invented a way to give free electricity wo whole world forever but it was mysteriously destroyed.

The most famous entry on this list is Free electricity by nikola tesla. It is about tesla’s famous experiments at wardenclyffe tower. He used this tower for transmitting messages at first and this venture was funded by Jp Morgan. When tesla said to develop the experiment which would allow transmission of free energy worldwide. Morgan backed out of the project, tesla’s funding stepped and project became limited. This project later destroyed mysteriously.

Obviously, such a revolutionary concept as free energy world piss off the companies who made healthy profits in making and selling the electricity. So, idea of this tech being suppressed is not so hard to believe. The power AC tech you are using in your home today is also invented by nikola tesla. (Source)


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