Durex is launching jeans and people are amused!


A condom brand coming up with a denims range:

When it comes to fashion, jeans are probably the best invention ever. And now, guess which brand is launching a new pair of jeans? The brand that has been synonymous with condoms for eons is presenting to you something else that will fit your man like a glove.

Yep, we hear that Durex is launching its newest product, Durex Jeans! Curious?

Durex Jeans Condom is defined as per the company website: Durex Jeans condoms are made of quality natural rubber latex. The classic design with lubrication helps you to obtain good sexual pleasure. The special way we make Durex Jeans means they smell better so there are no unpleasant distractions, you can just relax and enjoy.

5 Reasons Why Durex Jeans Are Better Than Everything Your Man Owns:

1. They’ll be a perfect fit

There’s a reason why jeans have endured the test of time — they are super comfortable while keeping things nice and snug. And Durex has always been known for the same qualities, right? *wink* Slipping into a pair of Durex Jeans couldn’t be easier, and guess what? Apparently, its amazing stretchability means it will fit anyone and everyone, no matter what his size, and will mould onto the shape of his body.

2. They’ll accentuate his assets

With the fit moulded to the shape of his bod, how can it not complement his well-toned legs and firm butt, right? There is no way in hell that anything else could make his butt look as fab as a pair of Durex Jeans would – unless, of course, he isn’t wearing anything at all.

3. They’ll be durable & reliable

When in doubt, put on a pair of jeans — they will not let you down. When in bed, slip on a Durex condom. Bring the two together, and you’ve definitely got some long-lasting, we think! No matter what you put these babies through, they will not tear apart easily.

4. They’ll be totally versatile

Jeans are versatile so Durex Jeans is something that can be worn anywhere at any time! They can be styled in whatever way he wants, whether it’s the sexy hottie vibe in a pair of skinnies, or a rustic-morning-after in one that is baggy. We’re not complaining.

5. They’ll make him (and you) feel good

If the brand’s condoms feel as good as they do, how can he NOT feel good in a pair of its jeans? A pair of Durex jeans will probably make him feel uber confident, will up his game, and making things so much better for you. It’s a win- win, y’all.

We don’t know about you, but we cannot wait to get our hands on the #DurexJeans. Watch this space for more as we bring you more deets when #DurexJeans is launched on March 25. Are you as excited as we are?


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