The Developer Preview of Android O is launched!


The Developer Preview of Android O is launched:

Google has just the released the developer preview of Android version 8.0 and more importantly confirming that there will be something called Android O after N. The preview hasn’t offered much to confirm the features but have already tickled the interests of Android fanboys as to what will Google name Android O.

Of course, it will not be called omelette as the name has to something sweet and the next obvious hint that comes to our mind has to be Oreo. However, Google has always managed to surprise us.

What will the next Android OS be called?

If not Oreo, the guys at Google will really have to think hard for a sweet name of Android O. Here are four other possible names of Android O (or version 8.0) which Google might consider.

1) Android Oatmeal Cookie: With so much focus on the health benefits of oats in India, oatmeal cookie could be a possible name. The Android mascot-shaped cookie could be covered with a lot of oats to highlight the sweetness of Android O.

2) Android Orange: While it can use sweet or sour depending on the source of the fruit, orange can be a simple name for Android O. Google might also think of making it further sweet by calling it Orange Candy or Crush.

3) Android Orellete: You might find it very difficult to taste one in India but orellete is a sweet pastry found in Spain. While the name rhymes well very few knows about it.

4) Android Oregano: Of course, oregano is not sweet but it is widely used with pizzas across the globe. And its medicinal herb with loads of health benefits. Google might consider something healthy this time.

Battery life:

Starting with Android 7.0, Android can restrict certain activities an application wants to do while it’s in the background. Android O builds on this beginning and places top priority on saving power and improving battery life without the user (that’s us!) having to do anything or install anything,

New limits on implicit broadcasts (sending “signals” for other apps or activities to act upon), background services (activities of an app that continue to run when it’s not on the screen) and location updates (checking to see where you are using Android’s location services) are automatic. This means it’s easier to build apps that don’t have an impact on battery life and the user doesn’t have to manage anything.

Here are the 12 best features in Android O!



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