Ancient Egypt: Curious Facts


Ancient Egypt is full of history. This civilization, born on the North of Africa, is responsible for many things that define peoples way of life even in these modern times. It’s rich mythology and legends give us a marvelous, perhaps even surreal, perception of Egypt. However, we don’t necessarily have to get into the fantasy aspects of this culture to find some amazing and interesting things of this world changing civilization.

                                    Land of Mummies

It is commonly known that Ancient Egypt was very intrigued with mummification and rituals regarding the afterlife. However, contrary to what some believe, most people on Egypt were not submitted to mummification rituals. This was a “luxury” that only the elite had. Despite this, even the lowest of peasants would eventually be mummified anyway. This is due to the fact that the dessert’s heat and soil were enough to create a natural mummification process.

                                   Importance of Pets

While Ancient Egypt is known for its love of cats, dogs were actually more common than their feline counterparts on most Egyptian households . The reason for this is that cats were considered royalty and not pets for common people. Nevertheless, both dogs and cats were beloved to the point that their owners performed mourning rituals when a pet died. Furthermore, it was common for many of these pets to be mummified and even buried with their masters.

                                  Ancient Egypt Legacy

Ancient Egypt is responsible for many inventions that have shaped the way we live today. Some of these inventions are the lock and key, brushes, scissors, deodorants, wigs, cosmetics, tooth brushes and even tooth paste. In addition to these, they were also responsible for the creation of the 365 day calendar we still use to this day. It was only modified twice, in the 1st century A.C with the Julian Calendar, and in 1582 with the establishment of the Gregorian Calendar.


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