10 Hacks On How To Prevent A Secret From Turning Into A Scandal


Secrets are called “Secrets” for a reason. If it ever falls in wrong ears, it will undoubtedly turn into a scandal. Sometimes it becomes really hard for us to keep secrets, especially for girls. But don’t worry as always we have some mind-blowing solutions for all of those who can’t keep secrets. I am sure after this you will be an expert in keeping secrets.

Have a look at these 11 effective ways that will teach you “how to keep secrets from turning into a gossip”.

1. Never document a secret


If you want a secret safe then never write it anywhere. Because there is always a danger. Avoid it because anyone can read it in your absence.

2. Pretend that you don’t know anything



You know this is the easiest and most effective way of keeping a secret. It’s not like we are asking you to lie, we are just asking you to be good actors.

3. It’s good if you can forget


It’s a boon if you have a week memory. That way you will be able to keep all the secrets to yourself forever. For you forgetfulness is a blessing.


4. You can look mysterious if you have secrets


While you keep secrets, then there is a mysterious air around you. It’s new and because of that people start doubting you. Try not to reveal it. It can be challenging. Still try to enjoy it and act normal.

5. Smartly change the topic of conversation


If you want to prevent a secret from getting revealed then try to change the topic when it is turning in that direction. Try to be swift and normal to avoid from any kind of doubts.


6. Lie if needed


I hope that you never have to do it but just to keep a secret safe you can always opt for this option. Its good if you can lie easily in a way that no one doubts you. It is said that lying for a good cause is not a sin.


7. Talk to your pets


If it’s really very difficult to hold a secret and you want to confess it then talk to your pets about it. This will keep your secret from coming out and also you will feel comparatively lighter.


8. Bury your secrets really deep


The best way to keep a secret is to destroy a secret. Write it in a piece of paper and tear it or bury it somewhere. This will remove the burden from your chest and the secret will still be a secret. Try it once, you will feel good.

9. Be a loyal secret keeper, then count your blessings


It is really difficult to protect a secret. If people consider you as an efficient secret keeper, then pat your back and be proud yourself.


10. Don’t turn a secret into a gossip


It do not take much from people in spreading a secret like a wild fire. So always protect your secret from your life and avoid it from reaching to gossip mongers. I hope its enough for you guys to understand how to keep a secret. Hope you like it. Have a good day ahead in keeping a secret to yourself.




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